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She is extremely efficient and very professional.

Melissa was reffered to me in November 2023 from a very successful marketing coach. She was tasked to complete several projects that included marketing, building landing pages, setting up email marketing lists and setting up different marketing apps. She is extremely efficient and very professional. I would highly recommend her.

Michael Healea
CEO, Sec1 Security Group

If you’re thinking about working with Melissa, then you definitely should!

I have been working with Melissa for probably about ten years now. In that time, I’ve had multiple other businesses, which Melissa has helped me with, also with all of them. And I honestly couldn’t have done it without her. She’s been there to build websites for me to do some graphic design work, email sequences, automation, anything tech wise, I send over to Melissa. And I honestly attribute so much of my success to her because I couldn’t have done it without her. If you’re thinking about working with Melissa, then you definitely should, because she will just take all of those things that take us so long. Well, many people, so long. All the tech things, and she does them so fast and with so much ease and style and grace. So thank you so much, Melissa.

Michelle Scott Wilson

Melissa was a huge help to our team when she worked for us.

She was a constant go-to person for any computer issues or any of our creative needs, and within hours magically she crafted something really creative and effective for our business.

She understood the backend of programs and would find solutions instantly. She worked with programs such as Podia, Clickfunnels, Acuity, DocuSign, Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Facebook, Canva, Stripe and Zoom. Melissa was a terrific part of our team and I would greatly recommend her and use her services again.

Carolyn Cutri
Executive Assistant

Melissa is an outstanding web designer and project manager, from start to finish.

She clearly communicates throughout a project, from project requirements to project timelines to project updates. Melissa patiently answers questions, as well as easily integrates changes necessary to keep a project moving forward. Her technical skills are unmatched.

Beyond all that, Melissa is fun to work with. Her easy-going demeanor helps give a project the lightheartedness it needs to creatively flourish. I look forward to working with Melissa again, and highly recommend working with her.

Andy Watkins
Owner, LuminousCircles, LLC and

Melissa is a dream to work with as a Virtual Assistant and as an individual.

Collaborating with her is an absolute delight – she effortlessly brings a wide array of skills to the table, showcasing a remarkable flair for design and tech. Her dedication and proficiency make working together not just easy, but truly exceptional. I highly recommended working with Melissa for anyone seeking top-tier virtual support!

Ashley Cooper

Working with Melissa was an absolute pleasure.

Her professionalism and creativity shone as she effortlessly took my content and turned it into a visually stunning and functionally impeccable website, ebooks and lead magnets. Melissa welcomed an incorporated feedback seamlessly and the entire process was smooth and collaborative. I highly recommend Melissa for any Web or VA work and look forward to working with her in the future.

Amanda Gleig

Melissa has done a great job designing my website.

She created all the pages I needed to promote my books and I’m very pleased with my website.

Paula Welch

Melissa took my business to the next level.

I was able to focus my time and energy into speaking to potential clients, setting up events the things I’m good at and enjoy the things I’m good at in my business. Very grateful for how easy it is working with Melissa, she is excellent at explaining things to a ‘non tech head’ and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to outsource their social media.

Felicity Roberts
Breath Work & Body Work Practitioner

I can’t say enough about Melissa.

Her attention to detail, communication, professionalism and skills are without equal. She is a wonderful asset who has pride in her work and she treats my projects like they represent her personally. It’s a wonderful working relationship and I plan on many years of much more success working with her.

Donavin Britt
CEO, Las Vegas Combat Academy

I am grateful to have found Melissa and totally recommend her services

I’ve always found it a challenge to express exactly what I want in terms of the look and layout of landing pages, yet with Melissa’s expertise and knowledge, creating the digital assets and systems for my coaching business that I needed was not only quick, they were delivered in a very professional and seamless manner. Melissa is a genius at building appealing websites, landing pages, setting up email lists, starting membership sites and the tech side of creating digital assets. I am grateful to have found Melissa and totally recommend her services.

Theresa Fitzgerald

Melissa’s reliability, knowledge and multifaceted talents are indispensible.

“We run a busy business with online courses, masterclasses, a podcast, and a website membership. Melissa’s reliability, knowledge and multifaceted talents from website design to creating email automations, having efficient know-how of all the major platforms we use, helping with customer support, and other important virtual assistant tasks are indispensable and a big part of our success and growing business over the past few years. We have worked with other VAs before her but Melissa has been the only one we could fully rely on getting the work done. We recommend her to anyone who is serious about their online business.”

Laura Matsue and Bernhard Guenther

Melissa has been a phenomenal addition to my team.

Her attention to detail and valuable suggestions have made all the difference in my business. I feel more organised and focused than ever and working with Melissa has been one of the best investments I have made all year! To anyone thinking of working with her – Melissa will change your life.

Megan Chalidis, Business Coach

Melissa is amazing!

If you’re looking for a web developer and an all-around VA, I highly recommend Melissa. We’ve worked together for 13 years and she’s amazing. She can do pretty much anything from web research, lead generation, audio/video editing, transcription, social media, email support, graphic work, build wordpress websites and more. She is wonderful and if you don’t jump on this now her time will be gone promise. So jump on this now! I hope it supports you guys in scaling your business.

Jeffrey Slayter

Melissa has been an essential attribute in growing my business

If you are looking for someone to get the job done efficiently, always correct, and with max effort, she is the one you need on your team. As a health professional creating content daily, running large detox programs, and working with high-level executives, I am not sure I would be able to handle the consistent changes without Melissa help. Highly recommend her skills!

Tommy Cassano

Work Performance and reliability is of the highest standard

We have used Melissa as a Virtual Assistant (VA) for several years on websites and Facebook pages for several of our businesses. During that time, have we have found her work, performance and reliability to be of the highest standard. Over and above that, we have always found Melissa to be a beautiful soul and a pleasure to work with. We would have no hesitation in recommending Melissa to anyone looking for a superb VA.

John Owens

I couldn’t find a better help to scale my business

… reliable, with attention to details, easy to contact, really organised, and easy to work with the 10 hours pack plan. Big variety of skills from paper work tasks to a complete website management and social media marketing development. They ran the entire process of getting on the first page of Google searches in a total organic way. Melissa and their team are Class A in Personal assistance and with always an eye on details and what really impressed me there is that there is no task that they can’t do.

Tommaso Carzaniga

We cannot even imagine our lives without her!

I’ve been working with Melissa for a very long time now and she’s been helping me and my 7 figure clients, be online, be present… scheduling. She’s been helping with so much tech issues and problems. So, I highly, highly recommend Melissa. And if you need a gun VA it is her!

Monika Mileva
Founder, Expert Impact

She introduced technology I did not know existed

I was introduced to Melissa through the book publisher I work with.  Despite working in a different time zone, and hemisphere, Melissa was able to help me create a website that was perfect for the book I published.  She introduced technology I did not know existed, to make the website more interactive, and helped me tell the story in a way that most resonated with the book itself.  I would recommend Melissa’s work ethic, capacity for original thought, and software skills to anyone seeking a supportive website creation process.

Lachlan Hughson

I had the pleasure of discovering the wonderful talents of Melissa when she built my website

I am so impressed with the detail and creativity. The colours, photographs and set up is exactly how I would have wanted it to be. Her talent is clearly noted in the websites she creates, taking into account each client’s personal needs. Her professionalism evident in all that she produces.

Thank you, Melissa for making my website perfect in my eyes. I love it, I am so happy.

Leanne Demers

I highly recommend Melissa

She goes above and beyond in her website development. She is very professional and gets on with the job, easy to communicate with and takes an extra care to understand the basis of the website requires. Thank you Melissa.

Tony Curtis

Amazing wordpress guru!

I am working with Melissa and can vouch too that she is AMAZING! Wordpress Guru! Very quick and helping our business immensely!

Tonielle Christensen

Highly responsive and reliable.

She not only delivers a stunningly sleek and modern website but goes beyond set expectations with her accommodating service, guidance and help through every step of the way. All that at a price that beats other competitors in the market today. With Melissa, you gain not only a proficient web designer but a helpful partner at your side.

Doris Tan

I know you can do the job!

Thank youuuu! I know you can do the job that’s why I hired you! I’m very excited to reach a wider audience and inspire the world!

Meme Dakay

Weee! I cannot wait for the big launch this friday

You have been such an amazing person to work with and I could not have done it without you. you make starting a website such a breeze and your style & class surpasses any web designer I know. You simply know how to add a personal touch to anything you work on and that is why I know you will make it big in whatever endeavor you tread.

Zandra Len Salvador

Easy, understanding and accomodating!

Melissa is a blessing to me. As a real estate agent I am always in the field and on the go and I’m not techy so I never really have the time to promote myself online but she has helped me a lot to get my credentials established in the internet by having my very own website. When my clients tell me they found me on the web, it’s very validating. Truly one of the best investments I have made. Thank you.

Leizel Pueblo

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