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Q. Can I meet with you to discuss our project?

A. I would love to if you are based in Iloilo as I am. Otherwise, we can transact via email, chat and other online means. I’ve worked at home for the past 8 years and my clients are all over the globe yet I manage to successfully deliver every project I worked on so don’t worry, you’re in safe hands 🙂

Q. What are your terms and how can I pay you?

A. My policy for a website package is 50% down payment before I start a project and 50% after completion, before turn over.  All other services are paid up front before I commence work. I accept BDO / Unionbank Deposit or PayPal.

Q. What is the turn-around time for web development?

A. Between 1-2 weeks, assuming that you have provided the complete copy such as text, images, videos, graphics and other pertinent details. I can build the structure alone within a week or less.

Q. Can you design a theme for me based on what I envision?

A. I will work with you to get your ideas and personal style to come out on your website but unfortunately I cannot design it for you as that is not my biggest strength. That is why I go for designer themes made specifically for the Genesis Framework however they are NOT “one of a kind” – meaning it can be used by another client. I will give you up to 3 options to choose the right theme that matches your style and personality.

Q. Can I replace my theme in case I change my mind?

A. It depends. I’d allow it if I haven’t started working on your website. Otherwise I’d ask you to pay additional fees should you insist for a new theme.

Q. Can I make some changes after a review?

A. Sure. I allow 3-5 minor revisions such as colors, alignment, text, fonts and the likes as long as it does not require me to hard code.

Q. Can I add other functionalities apart from what’s offered in the package?

A. Yes, but depending on the work involved I may charge additional fees.

Q. Can I change my logo if I don’t like the basic text?

A. Absolutely, we can discuss what your ideas are and I can have it designed for you for a fee or you can provide me with one.

Q. Can you work with my current web developer / designer to finish my on-going project?

A. Unfortunately not. Years of experience taught me that the best practice is to build a website from the ground up. Any self-respecting web developer can understand this.

Q. I’m a blogger but I also plan on selling products later, is it possible to switch to an e-commerce site when I’m ready?

A. Sure, you just need to pick an e-commerce theme so that when you are ready to launch your products, we just need to add the shop products and get the payment processing in place.

Q. Does it cost extra fees?

A. No, you only pay me initially for the chic blogger package rate and when you are ready to go live with your shop, then I will request the balance for boss babe package rate. Basically, we deduct the amount you previously paid for and you just pay the remainder based on the rate of the e-commerce site package.

Q. I don’t know how or have time to manage my site, can you still help me add products and pages in case I need more, after you deliver the project?

A. No problem. I have created a few prepaid web management services for you depending on how much help you need and how often.

Q. What if my website went down?

A. Contact me and I will help troubleshoot it for a fee, depending on what the issue is.

Q. Why is my web page loading too slow?

A. There can be a variety of reasons why this happens – usually it’s caused by a plugin or too large image files that haven’t been optimized.

NOTE: I will try to update this page every now and then to add more answers to common questions. If you are not satisfied or can’t find what you are looking for, please contact me here .


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