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What to look for in a web developer

It doesn’t have to be scary or a pain to build your own personal, blog or business website! #websitemyth

A lot of my clients have told me the number 1 reason they held back on starting their website is due to the lack of knowledge around the tech stuff and I always say that it does not necessarily have to be a concern if you have the right web developer that you can trust to create the perfect website for you…

Now choosing one can also be a daunting process – but I think if you start by making an inquiry and checking their portfolio, you can pretty much get an idea if it’s the right person to hire…

Here’s a checklist for you:

✨Do you like what you see on his/her portfolio?
✨Does he/she seem credible?
✨Do you see his/her creations somewhat matching your personality and style?
✨Is he/she easy to talk to?
✨Responsive and accomodating?

And lastly – yet the most important factor:

✨Does he/she care about your ideas and has the positive mindset to make it happen and translate it to the website of your dreams?

Remember, there are a lot of good web developers out there that are really skilled and talented but you have to find the ONE that gets you!


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