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Weekend DIYers!

Huge win today as we made progress with our floor installation, we even had the kids help us out haha, who knew kids actually enjoy doing adult work?! We’ve been working on our new house every weekend we go and add the missing elements of the house. It was quite challenging to have to bring the kids with us but honestly, it’s not only that we don’t have a choice, it’s primarily because I don’t want to leave my kids at home with someone else. I’m a worrier. I guess that’s what mothers do all the time!

Sooo anyhow, hubs was able to completely install the flooring and we are so happy with the way it turned out. I was quite hesitant at first because we had to mix 3 different tile colors since the hardware store didn’t have enough tiles of the same color for the area that we have. I freaked out but always the savvy mama that I am, I turned to Pinterest for inspirations and long story short, here we are.

Floors check. Next please!


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